What is a Free For All and How Does it Work in Airsoft?

What is a Free For All?

Free for All, commonly referred to as FFA, is a game mode in airsoft where every player competes individually, rather than being divided into teams. It is a chaotic and fast-paced mode where players engage in combat with the objective of eliminating as many opponents as possible while avoiding being eliminated themselves.

The only rule you need to know for an FFA is: shoot at everyone!

How Does a Free For All Work in Airsoft?

Here’s a general overview of how a Free for All works in airsoft:

Objective: The objective for each player is to eliminate as many opponents as possible while staying alive. There are no teams, and each player is responsible for their own survival and eliminating others.

Individual Combat: Players engage in combat against one another without any allegiance to specific teams. It’s a battle royale-style mode where it’s every player for themselves.

Elimination Rules: When a player is hit by a shot from an opponent, they are considered eliminated and must exit the playing area or take a designated respawn point before rejoining the action. The eliminated player cannot engage in further combat until they respawn.

Scoring: Typically, the game mode may have different scoring systems to determine the winner. It can be based on the number of eliminations achieved by each player or a point system where certain targets or objectives yield points upon elimination.

Game Duration and Victory: The game mode can have a set time limit, after which the player with the most eliminations or points wins. Alternatively, the game may continue until a certain elimination threshold is reached, such as being the first player to reach a specified number of eliminations.

It is common to play an FFA with the Last Man Standing game mode. Where each player only has 1-3 lives and the last player remaining wins the FFA!

Tips for Playing a Free For All in Airsoft

Movement and Positioning: Stay on the move to avoid becoming an easy target. Use cover, concealment, and the terrain to your advantage. Constantly change positions and adapt to the evolving situation.

Awareness and Observation: Be vigilant and aware of your surroundings. Keep an eye out for opponents, listen for footsteps or gunfire, and use this information to plan your movements and engagements.

Stealth and Ambushes: Utilize stealth to catch opponents off guard. Move silently, avoid unnecessary noise, and set up ambushes by positioning yourself strategically to surprise unsuspecting opponents.

Accuracy and Efficiency: Make your shots count. Aim carefully and take accurate shots to eliminate opponents swiftly. Conserve ammunition and choose targets wisely to maximize your effectiveness.

React Quickly: In a fast-paced environment, reacting quickly is crucial. Stay focused, make split-second decisions, and be ready to engage opponents before they have a chance to react.


Free For All’s are fast-paced, chaotic, and overall just meant to be fun! They are usually used as a break between more objective-based game modes because of their fun nature and quick pace.

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