What is Juggernaut and How Does it Work in Airsoft?

Juggernaut is a popular game mode that is played in airsoft, which is a popular recreational activity that involves participants engaging in simulated combat using replica firearms. 

Juggernaut is an airsoft game mode where one player, known as the “juggernaut,” possesses enhanced abilities or special rules. The objective for the non-juggernaut players is to eliminate the juggernaut, while the juggernaut aims to eliminate as many non-juggernaut players as possible.

 In this article, we will explain exactly what Juggernaut is and how it works in airsoft.

What is Juggernaut?

Juggernaut is a game mode commonly played in airsoft that involves one player, known as the “juggernaut,” who possesses enhanced capabilities or special rules, making them a formidable force to contend with. The other players, typically divided into teams, must work together to eliminate the juggernaut.

A few examples of abilities that Juggernauts can be given are:

  • Only player to go full-auto mode with their weapon.
  • Only player to be able to use grenades
  • Small designated hitmakers so they are less likely to be hit.
  • On the field respawn. Ex: if they get hit they kneel for 10 seconds and are back in the game.
  • Able to revive teammates

The non-juggernaut players must work together, employing tactics such as flanking and suppressive fire, to overcome the powerful opponent. The game mode can be won by eliminating the juggernaut within a set time or completing a specific objective. The juggernaut has advantages like increased health or unique abilities, requiring teamwork and strategy from the non-juggernaut players.

How Does Juggernaut Work in Airsoft?

Here’s a general overview of how Juggernaut works in airsoft:

Objective: The objective of the non-juggernaut players is to eliminate the Juggernaut, while the Juggernaut’s objective is to eliminate as many non-juggernaut players as possible.

Teams: Players are divided into two teams, with one player selected as the Juggernaut. The non-juggernaut players usually outnumber the Juggernaut, and they must cooperate to defeat the powerful opponent. Whereas the Juggernaut team may just be the Juggernaut or the Juggernaut with a small number of players to help.

Juggernaut Role: The juggernaut is a specially designated player who has certain advantages over the non-juggernaut players. These advantages may include increased health, stronger firepower, additional armor, or special abilities.

Combat: The non-juggernaut players must work together and employ tactics to weaken and eliminate the juggernaut. They may engage the juggernaut from different angles, use flanking maneuvers, or coordinate suppressive fire to maximize their chances of success.

Eliminating the Juggernaut: To eliminate the Juggernaut, non-juggernaut players must deplete the Juggernaut’s health or reach a predetermined objective, such as capturing a flag or securing a location. Specific rules for eliminating the juggernaut may vary depending on the game organizer’s instructions.

Juggernaut Advantages: The juggernaut’s enhanced capabilities make them difficult to defeat. They may have more health or be immune to certain types of attacks. These advantages make the juggernaut a formidable opponent, requiring teamwork and strategy to overcome.

Game Duration and Victory: The game mode can be played with a set time limit or a specific number of rounds. If the non-juggernaut players eliminate the juggernaut within the given time or complete the objective, they win the round. If the juggernaut eliminates a certain number of non-juggernaut players or prevents them from achieving the objective, the juggernaut wins the round.

This is a great example of how Juggernaut works in Airsoft!

Tips for Playing Juggernaut in Airsoft

There are many strategies that can be utilized in Juggernaut for both the attacking team and the Juggernaut. The strategies can vary a lot depending on what rules and special abilities are given to the Juggernaut too.

Below I outline some general tips that can be followed in most Juggernaut games!

Strategies for Non-Juggernaut Players

Teamwork and Communication: Coordinate with teammates to attack the juggernaut from multiple directions, share information about the juggernaut’s movements, and provide cover and support for each other.

Flanking and Ambushes: Use flanking maneuvers and set up ambushes to catch the juggernaut off guard and exploit their vulnerabilities.

Suppressive Fire: Utilize sustained and accurate fire to suppress the juggernaut, limiting their movement and creating opportunities for teammates to attack.

Diversions and Distractions: Create distractions or diversions to draw the juggernaut’s attention away from key objectives or vulnerable teammates.

Juggernaut Strategies

Exploit Strengths: Capitalize on the enhanced capabilities or special rules given to the juggernaut. Utilize their increased health, firepower, or armor to withstand attacks and dominate engagements.

Divide and Conquer: Isolate non-juggernaut players and engage them individually, preventing them from effectively coordinating their attacks.

Adapt and Evade: Use movement and positioning to avoid being surrounded or overwhelmed by the non-juggernaut players. Constantly adjust tactics to counter the strategies employed by the opposing team.


Juggernaut is a unique game mode that can add a new dynamic to playing Airsoft. There are so many variations and abilities that the Juggernaut can possess so each Juggernaut game can vary quite a lot!

It’s important to note that specific rules, variations, and gameplay elements of Juggernaut can vary depending on the airsoft field, event, or organization hosting the game. Game organizers may modify or customize the game mode to suit their preferences, field layout, and player skill levels.

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