What is King of the Hill and How Does it Work in Airsoft?

King of the Hill is a popular airsoft game that tests players’ skills and strategy. It involves two or more teams battling it out to capture and hold a designated area, or hill, in the playing field. The team that holds the hill for the longest time wins the game.

In this article, we will explore the rules of King of the Hill and how it works in airsoft. We will also provide tips and strategies to help you win the game.

What is King of the Hill?

King of the Hill is a game mode where teams compete to control and defend a specific location or area known as the “hill” or “king’s position.” The objective is to capture and maintain control over the designated area for a specified period of time, thereby earning points or securing victory.

It’s worth noting that the specific rules, variations, and gameplay elements of King of the Hill can differ depending on the airsoft field, event, or organization hosting the game. Game organizers may modify or customize the game mode to suit their preferences, field layout, and player skill levels.

The Rules of King of the Hill

The rules of King of the Hill are quite simple. Each team must try to capture and hold the hill for as long as possible. The team that holds the hill for the longest time wins the game. Here are some of the basic rules:


The objective of the game is to capture and hold the hill. The hills act as a common goal for each team so each team will have to fight their way to reach the hill. Once a team has captured the hill, they will need to defend it from the opposing team.

The hill can be a physical structure, an elevated position, or any predetermined area on the field.


King of the Hill is typically played with two or more teams. The number of players on each team can vary depending on the size of the playing field.

If you have a small group it can be just as fun to have teams of 1-2 that battle for the hill!


The game can be played for a set duration or until a team reaches a predetermined score. Points or time are typically awarded for each second, minute, or interval a team maintains control over the hill. The team that accumulates the most points or reaches the target score wins the game.


Players who are hit during the game will need to respawn at a designated area. The respawn rules can vary depending on the specific game setup, and they may include limited respawns or specific respawn timings.

Tactics and Strategy for King of the Hill

Successful gameplay in King of the Hill often requires effective teamwork, communication, and strategic planning. Players may employ various tactics such as flanking, creating distractions, setting up defensive positions, providing covering fire, and coordinating assaults to gain control or defend the hill.

Below I’ll cover some strategies that may help your team gain an edge to take over and defend the hill!

Utilize Grenades

Grenades are very effective for clearing out grouped-up players, especially in small areas which the hill typically is. Once you and your team are within throwing range throw a grenade on the hill to eliminate many of the defending players.

If you’re looking at getting a grenade I’d recommend any of the following:


Snipers can play a critical role in attacking and defending the hill. A sniper can start picking off players from afar as the team moves up to try to take control of the hill. Additionally, while defending, a sniper can pick off approaching players whether they are on the hill or not. If the entire team is not required to be on the hill, post a sniper away from the hill to provide fire from the flank!

Leapfrog to the Hill

When attacking the hill it can be easy to get pinned down while approaching the defending team of the hill. Try to keep moving the team up by leapfrogging. The front line can provide suppression fire as the back line moves up or repositions.


Communication is key in King of the Hill. You will need to communicate with your team to coordinate your movements and plan your attacks.


King of the Hill is a great game mode that promotes teamwork and can work with any amount of players. It’s a great way to practice attacking and defending tactics too!

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