What is Protect the VIP and How Does it Work in Airsoft?

Airsoft is a popular recreational activity that involves participants engaging in simulated combat using replica firearms. Protect the VIP is a popular game mode in airsoft and one that is played at most airsoft fields.

Protect the VIP simulate protecting a designated VIP (Very Important Person) from the opposing team. The VIP is typically a player with special rules or limitations, making them more vulnerable and valuable. The objective for the defending team is to safely escort the VIP to a specific extraction point while the attacking team attempts to eliminate the VIP.

 In this article, we will explain exactly what Protect the VIP is and how it works in airsoft.

What is Protect the VIP?

Protect the VIP is a game mode in airsoft where one team defends a designated VIP player while the opposing team tries to eliminate them.

The defending team must escort the VIP safely to a specified extraction point.

The attacking team attempts to eliminate the VIP before reaching the goal.

Typically the VIP only has one life while their bodyguards have infinite lives and can be revived on the field while the attacking team also has infinite lives but have to go back to spawn to come back into the game.

How Does Protect the VIP Work in Airsoft?

Here’s a general overview of how “Protect the VIP” works in airsoft:

Objective: The defending team’s objective is to safely escort the VIP from a starting point to a designated extraction point while keeping them alive. The attacking team aims to eliminate the VIP before they reach the extraction point.

Teams: Players are divided into two teams, the defending team responsible for protecting the VIP and the attacking team tasked with eliminating the VIP. The teams may have specific roles, load-outs, or objectives assigned to them based on the game rules or the organizer’s instructions.

VIP Role: A player is designated as the VIP and may have additional rules or limitations compared to other players. For example, the VIP may be unarmed, have reduced mobility, or be required to wear distinctive clothing or armbands to identify their role.

Escorting the VIP: The defending team must create a protective perimeter around the VIP and move them safely toward the extraction point. This may involve assigning dedicated bodyguards, maintaining close proximity to the VIP, and using teamwork to neutralize threats.

Eliminating the VIP: The attacking team’s objective is to eliminate the VIP before they reach the extraction point. Attacking players can use various tactics such as flanking, creating distractions, or launching coordinated assaults to neutralize the VIP and their defenders.

Game Duration and Victory: The game mode can be played with a set time limit or a specific number of rounds. The defending team wins if they successfully escort the VIP to the extraction point within the given time or complete the designated number of rounds. The attacking team wins if they eliminate the VIP before reaching the extraction point.

Tips for Playing Protect the VIP in Airsoft

There are many strategies that can be utilized in Protect the VIP for both the attacking team and the VIP team. Below I outline some that can be followed!

Strategies for Defending Team

Being the VIP: If you are the VIP play cautiously and don’t run into battle, your objective isn’t to get kills but rather to stay alive and make it to the objective! Stay alert, watch for flanks, and communicate with your team!

VIP Protection: Assign dedicated bodyguards to stay close to the VIP and provide cover and security. If the VIP gets hit the game is over so if a bodyguard has to take a hit, that’s better than the VIP getting hit!

Formation and Movement: Organize the defenders into a protective formation, such as a diamond or box formation, around the VIP. Practice effective movement and communication to ensure a safe escort.

Defensive Positions: Establish defensive positions along the route, especially at chokepoints or areas with limited visibility, to counter enemy attacks.

Communication and Intelligence: Maintain constant communication within the defending team to relay information about enemy movements and potential threats to the VIP’s safety.

Strategies for Attacking Team

Reconnaissance: Gather intelligence on the defending team’s movements and the VIP’s route. Identify weak points or vulnerabilities in the defense to plan effective attacks.

Coordination and Focus Fire: Coordinate attacks and concentrate firepower on the VIP and their defenders to overwhelm them and increase the chances of eliminating the VIP.

Flanking and Ambushes: Execute flanking maneuvers and set up ambushes to catch the defending team off guard and disrupt their protective formation.

Distractions and Diversion: Create distractions or feints in one area to draw defenders away from the VIP and create opportunities for attacks from different angles.


Protect the VIP is a great game mode to play and if you have the opportunity to be the VIP try it out! The role can be very exciting to play because of the intense sensation of the game focused around you!

It’s important to note that specific rules, variations, and gameplay elements of Protect the VIP can differ depending on the airsoft field, event, or organization hosting the game. Game organizers may modify or customize the game mode to suit their preferences, field layout, and player skill levels.

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