What is Recon and How Does it Work in Airsoft?

In airsoft, the term “Recon” can refer to both a game mode and a role within the game. This article will go over the Recon game mode in Airsoft that involves participants engaging in simulated combat using replica firearms. 

Recon revolves around one or both teams attempting to retrieve or gather specific items or intelligence from designated locations on the field and return those items to another location. The game is won by retrieving the items within the game’s time limit.

 In this article, we will explain in more detail what Recon is and how it works in airsoft.

What is the Recon Game Mode?

Recon is a game mode where the objective revolves around one or both teams attempting to retrieve or gather specific items or intelligence from designated locations on the field.

Recon can be played with one team performing the recon mission or multiple teams performing Recon missions.

When there is only one Recon team, the Recon team must navigate the field, locate the target objectives, and extract or transmit the acquired information to a designated point. While the other team figures out what the Recon team is after and defends those objectives.

When there are multiple Recon teams they are competing with each other to figure out what objective they must complete while also figuring out what the enemy’s objective is and preventing them from completing theirs.

It’s important to note that the specific rules, variations, and gameplay elements of the recon game mode can vary depending on the airsoft field, event, or organization hosting the game. Game organizers may modify or customize the game mode to suit their preferences, field layout, and player skill levels.

How Does Recon Work in Airsoft?

Objective: The recon game mode usually involves a specific objective, such as retrieving an item, capturing intelligence, or gathering specific information from designated locations on the field.

Teams: The players are divided into two teams: the recon team and the defending team. Or, two recon teams competing against each other.

The recon team is responsible for completing the objective, while the defending team aims to protect the objectives and prevent the recon team from achieving their goal.

Recon Team: The recon team must navigate the field, locate the objectives, and retrieve the required items or information. They may face opposition from the defending team and must use tactics, communication, and teamwork to overcome obstacles and complete the mission.

Defending Team: The defending team sets up defensive positions around the objectives to prevent the recon team from successfully completing their mission. They must employ defensive strategies, coordinate their efforts, and eliminate or repel the recon team.

Extraction or Transmission: Once the recon team acquires the target items or information, they may need to extract themselves from the field or transmit the acquired intelligence to a designated location. The defending team will attempt to intercept, eliminate, or stop the recon team’s extraction or transmission process.

Time Limit or Rounds: The recon game mode can have a set time limit or be played for a specific number of rounds. The objective is to complete the mission within the given time or rounds.

Victory Conditions: The victory conditions depend on the specific rules of the game. The recon team may win by successfully retrieving or transmitting the target items or information, while the defending team may win by preventing the recon team from completing their objective within the given time or rounds.

Tips for Playing Recon in Airsoft

There are many strategies that can be utilized in Recon for both the recon team and the defending team. The strategies can vary a lot depending on how complex the team is willing to get.

Below I outline some general tips that can be followed in most Recon games!

Stealth and Concealment: The recon team should utilize stealth and concealment to avoid detection and surprise the defending team. Sneaking past the enemy, using cover, and minimizing noise can increase the chances of success.

Reconnaissance and Planning: The recon team should conduct preliminary reconnaissance to gather information about the field layout, defensive positions, and possible enemy movements. Based on the gathered intelligence, they can develop a strategic plan to complete the mission efficiently.

Communication and Coordination: Effective communication and coordination within the recon team are crucial. Clear and concise communication helps team members stay informed about the situation, enemy positions, and any changes in the plan.

Offensive and Defensive Strategies: The defending team should establish strong defensive positions around the objectives, utilizing cover, overlapping fields of fire, and communication to protect the targets. The recon team may need to employ offensive strategies, such as diversionary tactics or flanking maneuvers, to bypass or eliminate defending players.

Split Up Into Squads: When there are multiple Recon teams competing against each other splitting up your team into different roles can be very effective.

  • Recon Squad: Responsible for completing the Recon objectives
  • Defender Squad: Responsible for gaining intelligence on the enemy and preventing them from completing their objective.


Recon is a fun game mode and works great in MilSim events! It involves teamwork, strategic planning, and managing the team to complete the objectives efficiently. Recon can be combined with other game modes, like Plant the Bomb or King of the Hill, to make for some more complex and exciting game modes!

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