What is Zombie and How Does it Work in Airsoft?

Zombie is a popular game mode in airsoft where players take on the role of either a human survivor or a zombie. The objective of the game is to survive or infect all the players on the opposing team. It’s a fun and exciting game that requires teamwork, strategy, and maybe a bit of betrayal.

What is Zombie Mode?

In airsoft, the term “Zombie” is often used to refer to a specific game mode or scenario where one or more players take on the role of “zombies.” The zombies are typically unarmed and are tasked with infecting or eliminating the surviving players, who are armed and attempt to defend themselves against the zombie onslaught.

The objective for the surviving players is to outlast or eliminate all the zombies. In contrast, the zombies aim to infect or “tag” the remaining survivors, turning them into zombies as well.

Zombie games in airsoft can vary in their specific rules and variations. I’ll explain the variations below as some may include objectives for the survivors, such as reaching a safe zone or completing certain tasks, while others focus solely on survival and elimination.

How To Play Zombie

The game starts with players designated as humans and the remaining player(s) as the first zombie. The zombie’s objective is to infect the humans by tagging them. Once a human is tagged, they become a zombie and join the zombie team.

The game continues until either all humans are infected, or the humans complete their objective or outlast the onslaught. The objective can vary depending on the scenario, but it usually involves reaching a designated area or completing a task while avoiding the zombies.

Depending on the variation of the Zombie Mode the game will play out differently.

Types of Zombie Game Modes

There are several types of zombie game modes in airsoft, each with its own unique rules and objectives. Here are some of the most popular game modes:


In Infection, one or two players start as zombies, and their objective is to infect all humans. Once a human is infected, they join the zombie team. The game ends when all humans are infected or when the humans complete their objective or outlast the game timer.

Objective-based Infection mode requires players to find an antidote and return it back to their base without losing all players to the zombie infection. The zombies can either be known and hidden in the field or unknown and part of the team until they find an opportune moment to strike.

Timed Infection mode requires the humans to outlast the timer while the zombie’s goal is to infect all players. The game starts when the first player is converted to a zombie. Zombies are usually unknown at the start and the zombie can choose anytime to start their strike.

In both modes when a player or zombie is hit they must go to the zombie respawn to come back into the game.

Last Man Standing

In Last Man Standing, all players start as humans, and the last player standing wins. It plays similarly to a free-for-all (FFA) however as the game progresses there is a zombie team that is growing and working together.

When a player is hit they are converted to a zombie and the zombies move out to try to convert other players. This mode can be played where the zombies are unarmed or can only use sidearms too.


In Swarm, there is a small human team consisting of 1-4 players that must survive a game timer or complete an objective. The remaining players are zombies that are unarmed and must try to infect all humans before the game timer runs out or before the players complete their objective.

In Timed Swarm, the humans do not have an objective and must outlast the zombie attack. When a player is touched by a zombie they are converted to a zombie. Zombies that are hit by a player must respawn at the zombie respawn location.

Objective zombie plays similarly to the timed-based version, except that it can also introduce med-packs to the players so that when a player gets infected there is a 1-3 minute window that a human can revive them before being converted to a zombie.

Tips for Playing Zombie in Airsoft

Playing Zombie in airsoft requires a different set of skills than other game modes. Here are some tips to help you survive:

Stick Together

Stick together with your team and move as a unit. This way, you can watch each other’s backs and avoid getting caught off guard by zombies.

Be wary of who you ally up with in modes like infection though, you never know if your ally is actually a zombie waiting to convert you.

Use Stealth

Try to stay as quiet as possible and use hand signals to communicate with your team instead of speaking.

At the start of infection when the zombies start making their move try to bring the remaining unaffected players into one group and start a defensive strategy.

Stay on the Move

Don’t stay in one place for too long. Move around the playing area to avoid getting cornered by zombies.

Bring Extra Ammo

You’ll need plenty of ammo to fend off the zombies, so bring extra magazines or a speed loader. Zombie games can be quick or last quite some time so be prepared!


Zombie is a fun and exciting game mode in airsoft that requires teamwork, strategy, and a lot of adrenaline. By following these tips and understanding the different game modes, you’ll be able to survive and thrive in any zombie scenario.

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